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Unconditional Love

It is Father's Day (Sunday), I am in town for lunch.... I should be interacting with the guests at the table, but I was quickly drawn to what was on ESPN at the time. It is a story that is so touching, and wonderful at the same time. Rick van Beek is a tri-athelete who's 13-year-old daughter has Cerebral Palsy. I want to keep my thoughts short on this story, so you can get down to reading about Team Maddy!

Xcel Energy Volunteer Grant

We are both honored and excited to have the opportunity to receive the Xcel Energy Volunteer Grant. This is in recognition of Xcel Energy employee(s) volunteer efforts with Advo Companies.

Hosting events is not an easy task at hand, but with volunteers like the Xcel Energy Volunteers, and many others, we can make these amazing things happen. We love to host a great part, but we also use those proceeds towards Special Olympics, sport uniforms, our future park, and so many other things!

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