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Horns & Heels 2015 - We Want to Say Thank YOU!

It takes months to plan, a week to set it all up, and we tear it all down in less than 4 hours! Horns & Heels was yet another amazing success for Advo Companies! We are so many steps closer to building our dream gym and parkā€¦ and that is not possible without the support from our volunteers, sponsors, business partners, and of course our consumers!

Just days away from Horns & Heels 2015

We are minus 5 days away from our biggest party of the year! This year it is bigger than ever...... Tent big enough for our party | check...seating for over 800 guests | check, over 20 items in our LIVE Auction | check, one heckuva silent auction | check....... Tickets.. SOLD OUT! We sure hope you have your tickets, cause you don't want to miss out on this years Horns & Heels Gala. Our style show is on point this year with outfits from our friends Western Allee in Hereford! The Karate Exhibit is going to kick any other in the city and the dinner, well BEEF its what's for dinner!

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